Good Shepherd Farm

farm-office1.jpgThe Vision

 Land has been purchased and work has begun on “The Good Shepherd Farm”.   The land is located in Jinja, Uganda which is located  in East Africa, along the Nile River and Lake Victoria.  The vision of the Good Shepherd Farm will include buildings, corrals and pens to house cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits, and ducks.  The offspring of these will be presented to poor families to be used for income generation.  With a sponsors help, housing can be built for the new animal and the family will be trained in its care.

Update: Down On The Farm, an evolving vision.

Slow, yet steady progress is being made on The Good Shepherd Farm. Initial work was delayed due to the death of the area engineer prior to the completion of necessary paper work for the project.   Although permission for the project has been granted by the Town Council, additional improvements were called for prior to “stocking” chickens on the six acre parcel.   The land has been fenced with the appropriate material providing for a safe environment for chickens to be raised and eggs to be harvested. Also completed are a pit latrine, a developed water source, and a concrete bridge to span the ditch at the point of entry.

Chicken feeders have been built off-site and are ready to be transferred to the Farm in the near future.   The next phase of the project will be the construction of an office, and then the actual chicken “houses” will follow.   Meanwhile a portion of the acreage has been set aside for the planting of sweet potatoes. This crop will help provide food for the children of Omega School next year.  Pray for a bountiful harvest in 2009.

Although the “dream” of The Good Shepherd Farm has been slow to be realized, the love expressed in prayers and giving by REACH sponsors and friends have brought its fulfillment much nearer.

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity. Continue to pray for the Farm’s development and expansion in the months and years to come. As funds are provided the Farm will continue to grow, providing food and income for Omega School

Library Update

Work continues on the new library.

Work continues on the new library


 A large container arrived in Jinja on September 20th, 2008.  It came by way of ship, over the Pacific to Kenya, and finally arrived, carrying many essential items to bless the lives of the children at Omega School and the surrounding villages.  Among the many clothes, computers, and even wheel chairs were lots of books to help establish a library on the school grounds. 



A “Clean Well-Lighted Place” for books


Most of the classrooms at Omega School are open air buildings.  This blesses the children with good ventilation in such a warm climate; but unfortunately open air does not offer the same blessing for books.  A more western style building needs to be constructed to properly care for the books, keeping them safe and dry.  Work has begun on the building and soon the children will have their library. 


A special thank you goes out to Larry and Mary Carter, and to their friends and family for their efforts in filling the new library and constructing it.  All this, so the Omega kids may come to know what an amazing treasure a library can be.  The children and their families face difficult challenges in Uganda.  There is no limit to the advantages that will emerge from their access to so many books.  If you feel led to contribute to this effort as well, please note, “For the library” on your donation form.