April News


Moses and family in front of new house.


My name is Moses Aliwuya and I serve as the pastor of Nabitula Christian Prayer Centre Church. I thank God for the miracle of building me a house. I was living in a grass and mud house that was too small and it would leak whenever it rained.

I remember one time late at night when I saw fire burning on our only house.  All my family members were asleep and by chance I was awake.  I had to run out and stop the fire that was started by bad people that wanted us dead.  Their hatred for us was because of what God was doing at this village to save and set free people from demonic worship. Our Church is just opposite a witch doctor and to make it worse this very man was the one that sold us land for our Church. The witch doctor did not know the purpose for the land – to build a church and a house for me and my family.  Surprised and disappointed was how the witch doctor felt when he saw that a church had been built.

They did a lot of witchcraft but God protected us from all. Some time later the witch doctor’s son gave his life to Christ at a crusade and this provoked the witch doctor a lot.  Many people were not happy to see many lives touched by Jesus.  But many have believed and their lives are much better.

I thank God for building me this big and good house and the best at our village. I am now respected by many and they call me a rich man and yet I was the one that everyone despised.  Now I have the best house and my God is now honored.  This home brings God glory and village people know that we are here to stay.

Thanks to my sponsors that made this possible.  My family and I are grateful for all of your prayers house-old.gifand gifts of money that have blessed us so much.  More thanks go to all that prayed and still pray for me and my family and God’s work in Nabitula.

God bless you all,

Moses Aliwuya

Pastor Fred is Coming

Pastor Fred arrives at LAX on April 16.  Pray that doors of opportunity continue to be opened for Fred to visit and share with churches, schools, and other organizations.

    Special gifts are still being accepted to help meet Pastor Fred’s travel expenses.


Praise and thanks are offered to God for the healing of Jeremiah, Fred and Joan’s son, as he dealt with a bout of malaria.