June News


Relief and Joy come to Bulama Pastor and Family



REACH sponsors have the unique opportunity to bless the lives of not only children, but also pastors who labor tirelessly to spread the gospel in their homeland. Pastor Robert Mukwaya from the village of Bulama is one such pastor whose life has been significantly altered by a generous REACH sponsor.

   Earning enough money for even one person to survive on is extremely difficult in this area of Uganda; providing for a family is even more difficult. Pastor Robert describes his family’s situation: “Our family life was just by miracle as our income was very bad and I could not even afford to pay school fees for my children… God blessed us with 10 children so life was hard to get food and other needs.”

   Needless to say, Pastor Robert was filled with relief and joy when he learned he had gained a sponsorship. “Am so happy to tell you what the Lord has done for me and my family since I started to receive support from my sponsor through REACH,” he shares, “from that time, life changed and I can pay school fees for my children and also when I get my support I put some in growing rice and through that we have been able to start building a house for our family.” In addition to wisely using his sponsorship money to pay for monthly needs, Pastor Robert is helping his local community by providing a place where others can purchase rice. Pastor Robert and his family were also given a cow through REACH, which provides them with milk that they share with others in their church family.

   Let God be praised for the many blessings he has given us all! May each of us continue to search our hearts and consider whether we can give more to help those like Pastor Robert, who benefit so greatly from so little. If any know of potential sponsors, please share this story with them as it demonstrates the impact of sponsorship on not just an individual, but an entire community.





   Currently an urgent need is for the purchase of a tractor to help develop a large agricultural project to help feed children at Omega School, and also serve as an income generating project for school development.  Donations for the tractor may be added to your regular monthly giving or a special gift may be sent to help meet this need.  An additional posting regarding this need can be found on this website.