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 [singlepic id=55 w=320 h=240 float=right] I am  Ruth Babirye and am so happy to write again about my life and how Jesus has helped me out. Last time I shared with you how I was helpless after losing my parents to Aids. I am very grateful for the success God has given me through Rescue African Children Sponsorship that has helped me to become somebody by now.  I finished my Secretarial Course and I was awarded a Certificate, am now employed in Omega School as a secretary and am doing good as am able to cater for myself and take care of my young sister, but the bad thing is that she has Aids.

    Great thanks go to my sponsor for giving me support through REACH when no one seemed to help. I also thank all that prayed for us for God to meet our needs. My heart feels to help those kids that are helpless, who have lost their parents, because life is so hard when your parents leave you without help.  I see many orphans that are suffering until now and I just pray for them that God can bring someone to sponsor them someday.

  [singlepic id=54 w=320 h=240 float=left] My name is David Menya, am a co-pastor at Buwenge Christian Center Church. Am so grateful for what God has done for me through REACH. In 2005 my sponsor, together with their bible study group, donated money to buy a Scooter for me to be used as a taxi in order for me to make a living for myself and my future family.

   The scooter business has worked well since 2005 giving me $4.00 per day with which I am able to meet with most of my needs and planning for my family. In November 2007 I was able to buy another scooter from my savings and after selling the old scooter. Also on January 10, 2009 I opened up a shop in Buwenge selling food, sugar, salt, drinks like soda etc.  All this has been achieved from the scooter business.  I am now working on my plans to marry in December 2009.  Please pray for me that all may go well.

[singlepic id=53 w=320 h=240 float=left]  Pastor Fred 

Back in Uganda

 After a long ten weeks Fred, Joan, and Jeremiah are reunited in Jinja, Uganda.