December News

Extreme Home Makeover 

        Omega School has beLibrary front 1en undergoing planned expansion to meet the increasing needs of a growing student population. Rev. Fred Tumwebaze states, “The library and computer lab buildings are almost done.  We are now on finishes though they take some time. This has been a very long journey from 2007 when we started on it. I thank all the friends and families plus companies that have devoted themselves to the completion of this project.”     Donated books and computers will soon be housed in their newly completed homes.  As stated, the progress has been slow, but the dream is nearly realized due to the faithful prayers and financial support of sponsors and a few businesses dedicated to improving the life and education of the children of Uganda. 

   labAnother project that is underway is the construction of The Good Shepherd Farm. With governmental regulations slowing down the initial phases, (yes, there are building codes in Buwenge Town, Uganda) the project continues to show tremendous promise.     Pastor Fred reports that, “Chicken houses construction is in progress and now on window level. The block has 6 rooms each room is 30 ft width by 25 ft. Each room will house 300 chickens. Heartfelt hanks go out to all supporters that have given to this project. We still have a challenge to raise the remaining funds to finish the needed building for chickens. This chicken farm project will serve as an income generating project for the Omega School and also help improve the diet of the children as some eggs will be served on their meals. Our struggle in all this is to reach a level of self sufficiency but we need someone like you to help us get there.” 

Chicken Houses at Good Shepherd Farm

Chicken Houses at Good Shepherd Farm


Thank You—Tractor and More 

     Together we can make a difference.  Perhaps this quote could serve as a call to all REACH sponsors and supporters.  If each gave a little, much could be accomplished.  Currently the lack of finances is all that is standing in the way of the provision of fresh eggs to help meet the nutritional needs of Omega School students.  As the project grows, eggs will be available for sale to raise money to sustain the chicken portion of the Farm and also provide for the expansion of the project to include the raising of other animals in the future. 

    Your generous support has provided the funds necessary to purchase the tractor and plow needed for  the Omega School Agricultural Project  (photo and story next month).

    As you take the opportunity to help with projects beyond your monthly child or pastor sponsorship, please remember to mark your remittance slip in the appropriate manner.  This will allow for proper and expedient allocation of your gifts.  Thank you all for your support in meeting the needs of Ugandan children sponsored through REACH.

November News

Hadijja and her new bicycle

Hadijja and her new bicycle

Gifts of Love 

My name is Hadijja Mukyeyaya.  My mother gave birth to three children , two boys and one girl, and it is me. But my mother died when I was 2 years old.   I did not even see her but I was just told that she died when I was still a baby. My father had two wives. Now I stay with my step mother.    Am happy with my sponsor for sponsoring me and giving me gifts. Am now in primary six at Omega School but going to school was a problem but now because of my sponsor am studying well. Some of my brothers do not go to school because my father  has many children and he has no school fees to pay for them.

    Am now 14 years old and am happy that on my birthday my sponsor sent $80 through REACH to buy me a bicycle. I will now be able to come to school early for classes. My bicycle will also help my family at home.

    Thank you so much, my sponsor, for helping me.  I love you.

   –  Mukyeyaya Hadijja –

    Sponsorship is a gift.  While receiving an extra gift on your birthday is indeed a special blessing—just as it is for us here in the USA— nothing compares to the ongoing  gift of child sponsorship.  Hadijja has just shared with you the added blessing of receiving a bicycle as a birthday gift.  It is indeed a gift that will bless her as well as her entire family.

    However, did you notice that Hadijjah’s father has children that he cannot afford to send to school?  This is a very common scenario—children unable to go to school due to the lack of family finances available for school fees.  For this reason child sponsorship is of prime importance to REACH. 

    You are invited to be an ambassador for REACH.  You are encouraged to share with your friends and family the opportunity to give the gift of sponsorship to a Ugandan child currently unable to receive an education due to the reality of poverty in the villages of this country.  Encourage others to take a look at the REACH website ( and become informed in regards to opportunities to demonstrate love in a practical manner to a world in need.  Each gift makes a difference. 

 Christmas Gifts

     As reported in the past two newsletters, monetary gifts for individual children are allowed only for birthdays.  A General Christmas Fund has been established that will be shared by all students at Omega School.  Your gifts toward this fund are greatly encouraged and appreciated.  All sponsors are invited to participate in effort to touch the lives of the entire student population at Omega School.  Your gift of love will touch  the hearts of many in this cooperative effort.

   Christmas gifts must arrive in Fort Worth by November 10, 2009 in order to make the end of the month wire transfer to Uganda.  This will allow for REACH social workers to purchase gifts for the children at Omega School in time for Christmas.  Gifts arriving after this deadline will be applied towards Christmas 2010.

Thank You 

     Over the past several weeks efforts have been made to clarify the purpose of undesignated gifts by sponsors.  The responsiveness and cooperation of sponsors in dealing with these matters have been greatly appreciated.  Please remember to mark your monthly remittance coupon with the appropriate designation when sending extra gifts.  Thanks for doing your part in this process.