January 2010 News

Omega School Christmas

  “Am happy to report that it has been so joyful at Omega School today the 21st Dec. 2009.  I have seen the happiness in eyes of each of the 400 kids singing, dancing and shouting for joy at the party.”  Rev. Fred Tumwebaze shares these words in hopes that readers catch a glimpse of how blessed the children felt as they shared a special meal of beef and rice, including a soda, prior to receiving a gift of new clothing – a dress for the girls, and a shirt with trousers or shorts for the boys.  One student happily exclaimed, “My father has never bought me clothes like this on Christmas!”

    “I would love to humbly reach my thanks to all of the sponsors and friends that contributed to the Christmas Fund which was introduced this year so that all children can share the joy of getting a Christmas gift.  Am glad to say that the party has happened and it is a blessing to see all kids happy at the same time,” shares Rev. Tumwebaze. 

   Each REACH sponsor and friend is asked to consider supporting the Christmas Fund 2010 by giving a little extra each month, or a one-time donation (see the remittance slip below).  Over $4,000 was donated in 2009 for this all-student celebration.  More lives can be touched in more ways in 2010 with your gracious gifts.

Special Delivery

  On December 11, after a four hour delivery, Pastor Fred announced the arrival of a new tractor.  Traveling from Kampala to Omega School in Buwenge, the tractor caught the eye of many passersby, and drew even more attention when it arrived at the school campus.  “It was a surprise to the community to see a new tractor.  People gathered in the morning to see and each of them was happy for this great accomplishment for the School. We shall be leasing land to use, but our prayer is that we get our own land in the near future.”

    The vision of The Omega School Agriculture Farm was first shared by Pastor Fred during his 2009 visit to the USA.  “Am so glad to report the good news about the achievement of the New Tractor that we now have.  We started to raise the funds during my trip to the USA this year.  By the time I returned home in June we had received $8,000, yet we needed over $30,000.  Glory be to God for the provision of all the needed money.  I would love to bring the joy and thanks from us and the Omega School to all churches and individuals giving towards this need.  Special thanks go to International Manufacturing Group for the ongoing support each time we have big and pressing needs. Together we are making a difference in the lives of Ugandan children.”