February 2010 News

From the Director’s Pen

2009 Report


Dear Friends,

 I humbly bring you Uganda greetings and update you on how things are with the work and the ministry at large. Hope you had a Merry Christmas as did my family and Omega School children. We always pray for you as our ministry partners and supporters and we continue to pray that all may go well for you in 2010.  May the Lord’s power and favor be upon your family and the work of your hands.

My family has been well and doing fine. Jeremiah our son is growing so fast he can now run and is able to say “Dad” and “Aunt,” but he cannot say “Mom” which does not make his mother so happy. Thank you for praying my family, and for those that support us as a family financially, we say thank you so much for standing with us. Our desired need this year is to be able to build a house of our own, so please pray with us.

Omega School Buildings

The Lord has been so good in providing for the completion of the Library and the computer lab. The big building will house the library and two classes the library is in the middle 40ft long by 20ft width. The small building will house the computer lab and two offices.  An Examination Center has also been completed and has 150 single-seat desks in place; this was also funded by our friends in California.

School Kitchen

The school kitchen is finished with 3 energy-saving cooking stoves fully installed; each stove has a cooking pot of 200 litters of water. This is the best modern wood stoves and will save us a lot of wood.  Food will now be prepared on time and kept warm until served. All kids will eat at the same time since the stoves are enough to prepare the needed food for the over 500 students. Cooking has been made easy and I reach our thanks to all the friends that donated to the construction and the modern wood stoves for Omega school.

Agriculture Farm

In my 2009 visit to the USA I started sharing about the agriculture farm. I shared the need for a tractor to help in cultivating the soils for growing crops like corn, beans, sweet potatoes, and cassava. The goal is to be able to feed the students with a complete meal and to sell some of the produce in order to make income locally.  This income will help meet some of the needs locally and in the long run become self-supporting. Agriculture Farm is one the many income generating activities that we intend to do in our struggle to reach self-sustainability. We have now finalized the leasing of the land and now are clearing the stamps and trees to make it ready for tilling with a tractor. In the next update I will show in detail the tractor working in the farm.

Thank you for supporting this ministry and May the Lord continue to bless your in 2010.

Fred Tumwebaze

Director and Founder

Rescue African Children

Pastor Fred and Joan’s son Jeremiah



           New Omega School Library Building