April 2010 News


Upcoming Address Change


     In an ongoing effort to effectively handle the expansive duties and responsibilities of Rescue African Children (REACH), the financial department of the organization will be moved to Moreno Valley, CA.  This move will bring the financial and publication operations to one central location.  Moreno Valley is also the “corporate headquarters” for this non-profit corporation. 

     Beginning with the May 2010 newsletter the return address of the mailing envelope as well as the address on the return envelope will temporarily have a label affixed over the old address.  New envelopes will be printed in the next few months. 

    Correspondence with REACH Team USA may be sent to the new address as of this publication.  Email regarding REACH business may also be sent to the new email address provided below.

     Our hope is that we will be better able to meet your needs as you REACH-out to the children of Omega School and the pastors of the churches in the surrounding area.   Thank you for your understanding, patience, and prayers as this change takes place.  We anticipate a smooth transition in the months ahead.

Special Thanks


     Special thanks go out to REACH volunteer David Fast.  David has served as our finance facilitator for the past four and one-half years.  He has been instrumental in developing our system of financial records that will continue to meet the needs of REACH for years to come. 

          David leaves us to pursue a prominent role in Missions with his local church in Texas.  He has a heart for missions and we are excited that God is giving David the desire of his heart.  David will train a temporary successor to his position with REACH and will also be available as an advisor “for as long as it takes for someone to be come proficient”.  THANK YOU, David!

     Being dependent on volunteers can cause anxious moments in the life of any organization.  However, it is with a profound level of peace that we move forward into a new season for REACH.  We trust God to provide USA Team volunteers to meet the void David’s resignation leaves, as well as to expand our base of operations to meet the increased workload created by the expansion of the work in Uganda.

     Rev. Fred Tumwebaze expresses his appreciation for all that David has done for the Lord’s work through REACH.  Pastor Fred anticipates a continued close personal relationship with David in the years to come. 

     David will continue to be personally involved with REACH as a sponsor of children and a pastor.  Thank you, David, for your time of service and your heart for the people of Uganda and the world. 

Back in School

And Doing Fine


     Praise and thanks to God are being voiced as the update on the Kalamoya Spillane Benjamin – UG/1008 comes to the USA from Uganda.  As reported last month, young Benjamin was struck by a speeding scooter and it was unknown as to how well he would heal—would his vision be impaired? 

     It is with great joy we report that Benjamin is on the mend!  “He is back at school and his vision is good,” reports Pastor Fred Tumwebaze.  “Thanks to all who prayed for this boy.”


March 2010

REACHing Beyond the Classroom

     Sponsorship touches a child’s life in many ways:  it provides for books, school supplies, uniforms, a daily hot meal, and even a sense of being loved.   There are also times when REACH steps in to help meet medical needs of the students you sponsor.  Pastor Fred shares, “We have some bad news to bring to your attention for prayer about a sponsored child that was knocked down by a scooter on February 17, 2010 while returning home from Omega School. The boy is in the baby class and on his way home he branched off to go and greet his uncle along with his friends, he then crossed back to the other side to continue with his walk home but there he was knocked by a fast running scooter.

Kalamoya and Grandmother

Unfortunately the scooter man just took off leaving the boy bleeding with his head and eye wounded badly. Good Samaritans helped and rushed him to the hospital where he is still admitted but going through a lot of pain. His grandmother is with him at hospital.  The boy’s name is Kalamoya Spillane Benjamin – UG/1008. Please pray for his speedy recovery.”

     Through child sponsorship REACH is able to meet the need for medical expenses when the occasions arise.  Thank you for your part in taking care of young Benjamin in his time of need.  Pray that Benjamin’s eye does not suffer permanent damage.  An update on Benjamin’s condition will be updated in next month’s newsletter.

Acreage Ready for Planting

Project Updates:

     The Omega School Agriculture Project is underway.  Pastor Fred Tumwebaze has obtained a one-season lease for a 50-acre parcel of land as the project’s initial location.  Located near the Nile River, the land is prime real estate for growing maize (corn).  Pastor Fred reports, “We have finished tilling waiting now for the rain so we can plant which will be done by hand since we have no attachment for planting.” Maize harvested later this year will help provide a full meal for Omega students. Now that the leased parcel has been cleared and plowed the tractor is earning income for Omega School as it is leased to neighboring farms.  Thanks are sent from Uganda to all who helped provide the funds needed to purchase the tractor.  Your gift will continue to bless the children of Omega School for years to come.

    The new kitchen at Omega School is now fully operational. “We are witnessing the saving of firewood and the cooks are so happy to have a well built kitchen that is very convenient and easy to use.”  Under past conditions – outdoor cooking with open flames under a steel drum – the February 17 rain would have spoiled efforts to serve a warm meal for the Omega children.  However, due to the newly completed kitchen and purchase of new stoves, serving a hot meal to the children posed no problem.  “People from outside who used to see us cook from outdoors, passed and were heard talking to each other, ‘Today Omega has not cooked because of the rain,’ they did not know that we started using our new modern kitchen,” reports Pastor Fred. “Many thanks go to all of you that gave to this cause. May God bless all our supporters for their continued commitment and love.”