May 2010 News

A—Maize– ing ! 

     Excitement continues to intensify as corn (maize) planted at the Omega School Agriculture Project shows the potential for a great first harvest. The 50 acres of leased land was successfully tractor-plowed and hand-planted as evidenced by the photo below.  As always, prayer for the work of REACH is a must.  Nothing is taken for granted, so please pray for the Lord to grant a bountiful harvest.  

     Plans to build a storage room for harvested corn are in place, but call for additional funds to be raised in order to complete the project. 

     Sponsorships of children and pastors are a tremendous blessing and touch many lives.  However, funds for sponsorships are not allocated for projects such as, wells, latrines, buildings, etc.   There is an ongoing need for additional funds to help with these projects.  Please consider sending in an extra amount of funds on a regular basis that may be applied to “where needed”.  If all sponsors sent in an extra gift with this designation much could be accomplished to help meet needs of the people of Uganda.

Address Change

      In an ongoing effort to effectively handle the expansive duties and responsibilities of Rescue African Children (REACH), the financial department of the organization will be moved to Moreno Valley, CA.  This move will bring the financial and publication operations to one central location.  Moreno Valley is also the “corporate headquarters” for this non-profit corporation. 

     Please take notice that beginning with this newsletter the return address on the mailing envelope as well as the address on the return envelope will temporarily have a label affixed over the old address.  New envelopes will be printed in the next few months. 

     Correspondence with REACH Team USA may be sent to the new address as of this publication.  Email regarding REACH business may also be sent to the new email address provided below.

     Our hope is that we will be better able to meet your needs as you REACH-out to the children of Omega School and the pastors of the churches in the surrounding area.   Thank you for your understanding, patience, and prayers as this change takes place. A smooth transition is anticipated in the months ahead.

 Online Banking and Auto Payments

      In order to avoid delays in the processing and allocation of online banking checks and auto payment checks, be sure to change the REACH address to PO Box 7660  Moreno Valley, CA  92552.   Email is a great way to identify the purpose of extra gifts.  Should you include an extra gift, please send an email to identify the designation of the gift.  Again, this avoids delays in processing your gifts.

  • Pray for the maize harvest
  • Consider leading out as a fundraiser for REACH projects—for information contact Pastor Rodney George by email or US Mail
  • Donate airline mileage—Friends of REACH have donated time and talent to produce an updated DVD to report on the work of REACH in Uganda.    Airline mileage is needed to help get this crew to Uganda. Contact Pastor Rodney if you are interested in helping with this important endeavor.