July 2010 News

Omega School Recognition

      Omega School was recently awarded the Examination Centre designation by the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports. Prior to this designation, Omega School students had to travel to other schools to take their Primary Leaving Examination (PLE).  Meeting the compulsory requirements of the government, which include a permanent building and 150 single-seat student desks, has been a great challenge.  Special thanks go to Mr. Larry Carter and his company for the high-level of support for this project.  Thanks go out to all sponsors who provided extra gifts that have now helped to elevate the school’s status. 

     On Saturday June 5th government officials, community leaders, Omega School staff and students gathered for a thanksgiving ceremony.  Pastor Fred Tumwebaze shares, “When I was called upon to make a speech as the Director of the school, I could easily recognize the joy by the smiles of the people. We honored your generosity and love when seated in the permanent building. We recalled how the school got started under a mango tree with only 54 students only trusting God by faith. 

     Omega School continues to face challenges as it seeks to meet the needs of children in Buwenge and the surrounding area.  Your continued generosity will help complete buildings and meet the growing expenses

Warfare in Uganda – Pastor Fred Shares His Call to Minister

      In Africa, demonic activities are evident and people believe that each family/clan has demons that govern them, to which they should submit. Even in my own clan, this was real. I grew up seeing my father hang a bark cloth in the corner, showing that he was keeping some demon called Ghuuni. Thanks be to God who saved my father and he is now a member in our church.  You may recall my telling the true story of a young man who, at the age of 6, was dedicated to serve demons at a shrine in Nabitula Village.  He served as witch doctor for many years until in 2002 when he got saved and delivered during our gospel crusades. Robert is now a pastor and a husband, having been married last year. 

     In May 2010 we began to carry out the vision to take to all the sub-counties in the Busoga region (7 districts) an overnight prayer meeting. The purpose is to wage war against demonic powers and principalities that control each area. We have so far been to 2 places and the attendance is overwhelming with over 700 people. We have witnessed the mighty working power of God in each community as He delivered people from sickness and demonic oppressions.  We call on you to pray for us as we reach this part of the world with the gospel and revival.

     Please pray that the Lord may provide us our own tent to house 700-800 people.  Also pray about you becoming ministry partners by giving an extra of $10 a month for this new outreach ministry.