August 2010 News

It’s a Boy!

     News of the arrival of Baby Tumwebaze has been joyfully reported by Rev. Fred Tumwebaze via e-mail.  The healthy baby, weighing in at 2.2 kg (about 4.85 lbs.), was born on July 16 at 11:18 PM Uganda time.  Pastor Fred and Joan are grateful to God for His watch care, and to all of those who prayed for them during the past several weeks. 

    From cornfields to hospital, Pastor Fred joined Joan at the hospital in time to encourage her during the time leading up to the delivery.  Since the doctor nearly “guaranteed” the birth of a daughter to the Tumwebaze Family, Fred and Joan have yet to decide on a name for their newborn son.  More information and photos will be shared in the September Newsletter.  Continue to prayer for the Tumwebaze Family as they grow together as a family and servants of God.


Meet Fidah and Dan

    My name is Mwiza Fidah; I was born in a Christian family of 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys. My parents were not able meet my school needs since we are many children but I thank God for loving me and for giving me my sponsors who started sponsoring me in Primary One. Am so happy to tell you that am now in Primary Seven. Next year I will be joining secondary but I want prayers so that I pass my primary leaving examinations.

     I am very happy for my birthday gift of a bicycle from my sponsors; I now use it to go to school and help my family with work. My family was also very happy for my new bicycle.

     I would love to become a teacher when I finish school and am praying for my sponsors that God keep them and give them more money so that they continue to sponsor me and I become a teacher. Am also very happy because I will be doing my PLE at our school since Omega now has an examination center. Thank you for loving me and Omega School.



     My name is Nsandha Dan. I was born amongst two other boys, I am 13 years old in grade 6, and I live with my Aunt. My parents live far away from Omega School. I enjoy playing football and would like to be a teacher when I finish school. My friend is Jacob, I like him. I enjoy eating potatoes very much.

     I happy for the gifts and letters that I receive from sponsors who started sponsoring me in primary two.  This year I received a gift of a bicycle from them, I did not expect it, I love it, I ride it whenever my Aunt sends me to bring  things like water, firewoods and food from the garden at home. We have a tractor at school and we also have a new kitchen and the new buildings.  Thank you for loving us and for helping our school. Next year I will be in primary seven but want you to pray for me and my family. I thank my sponsors for loving me.