September 2010 News

Building for the Future

      Many greetings from Uganda in the name of Almighty God.  We need to thank you for your generosity towards the Good Shepherd Farm. Your support has made us move a step further though we are not yet there.

    Good Shepherd Farm, by your kind love, we have construction still going on and the buildings are coming up for our intended goal of having a poultry farm. We do still have a lot to be done but trusting His grace we will accomplish our objectives as laid down. We do have this farm on a six acre land near Omega School and we are constructing permanent buildings of which will serve the purpose because the purposes are likely to be changing according to the needs of the time. In the future, Omega School will make use of the buildings when the Farm, an activity to generate some income, moves to another place as per our original plan of establishing a Farm on 40-50 acres of land.

     Omega School is currently on less than an acre of land, yet the population has grown to over 500 students, meaning they do need more space. And as the students are also advancing academically the need for a Secondary School is becoming paramount, so the secondary school will occupy the current premises of Omega School. The six rooms under construction at the current Farm site have been designed as required by the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda for the future transition.    With all the above, funds are really making us move on a slow pace because every thing is real taking some more money. However, the Farm is quite promising and the site is gaining its beauty each new day the construction advances. We are seeking God’s presence and provision for us to accomplish this successfully.

     May Almighty God protect and bless each of you.  Thanks be to God for all we will accomplish together for the children here in Uganda.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Fred Tumwebaze

chicken houses - future classrooms

Pictured below is a newly purchased

maize sheller preparing corn for sacking

 and storage at temporary site.  Special

 thanks to Mr. Larry Carter and IMG Inc.

for this special gift. 

sheller in action


Jonathan Denis Nehemiah Tumwebaze

Big Brother Jeremiah snuggles with Jonathan