October 2010 News

Meet Pastor Kadaya

     My name is Joseph Kadaya , I was born in 1971 and am the 4th born out of 5 children of which 2 are girls, however when I was just 2years Dad passed away leaving my mother pregnant with our last born. In 1986 I was blessed with the gift of salvation and then later in 1993 I got married to my wife Stella who was born in 1976, and she knew the Lord at 12 yrs . We have been blessed with 6 children who are alive, five are boys. This year we have been blessed with many good things but then one bad thing also came our way which made us feel so painful, and this is the death our sixth boy who was 2yrs old, but now we are again strong and my wife is expecting.

    In 2002 I started to pastor a church and we have over 50 members. We are seeing the working of God each day.  I also stay at the church land in my small house, trusting God for my own land someday. More than a year and half, I was blessed with a sponsor who has been sending support which has helped my family.  This year my sponsor surprised us with a cow through REACH, which is now pregnant, expecting it to give birth in Feb next year.  It was great joy when the cow was given to us even the neighbors got shocked. The church was so happy to see this miracle, our prayer is that we may get our own land through this cow gift and also have a better life.

    I would love to reach our family thanks to my sponsor and we pray that God give him more blessings. I also thank all the people that pray for pastors in Uganda.  May the Lord bless you in all that you do.

Joy Over the Harvest

     It is happy times here at Omega school, the dream has come true, and the children are eating a full meal after harvesting 40,000 kg (over 88,000 lbs) of corn maize in July. The first day of School this third term was a big surprise for all students when they got informed at the school assembly that each of them was now going to eat food at lunch time instead of a cup of porridge. That has been a way of life for many years.

   We would love to thank all the sponsors, friends, churches, and companies that donated funds to allow us get a tractor with which we have now reached our goal of feeding all students with a complete meal each day of school. We still need prayer and support for more tractor attachments such as a trailer and a planter. We also need to be able to buy to our own land for Omega School Agriculture Farm. We now hire per season the 50 Acres. Getting our own land will save us some money.  Extra gifts towards this project are welcome and will bless many lives.