December 2010 News

The Blessing of Sponsorship

        Andrew Isooba’s life will never be the same.  Due to the loving support of a sponsor from the USA, Andrew is currently enjoying the life of a Primary One student at Omega School.  Andrew is one of four children (3 boys and 1 girl) living with their mom and dad in a small house on a 30ft by 180ft plot of land.  Andrew’s mother plants maize, bananas, vegetables, and coffee on their land while his father practices his craft of carpentry.  Dad makes chairs, benches, and tables and sells them in order to care for his family.  His earning from sales average abut $40 per month.

       Although Andrew is the only one of the four children that has a sponsor, his father states, “The help given Andrew by his sponsors is a very big help.  We are happy that Andrew can go to school.” Andrew recently received a gift of $120 from his sponsors to meet specific needs in his life.  With this special gift Andrew became the recipient of a bicycle and a mattress with linens.  Pastor Fred Tumwebaze states, “His (Andrew’s) family was so happy to receive the gifts together with Andrew.  We would love to thank Andrew’s sponsors and all sponsors for giving extra funds to make families happy as their kids experience a better life.  Thank you so much for loving them.”

                                                                 New Well – Fresh Water

         Fresh water is again available on the Omega School campus.  Several months ago the old well dried up and students had the difficult task of walking quite a distance in order to have fresh water for drinking.  Thanks to REACH partners in California, a new well has been completed and, “The water is enough as the source gives over 2000 liters per hour.  Students, teachers, workers, and the village are happy.”

 Newly Completed Phase

        The sound of clucking chickens is not very far off into the future for The Good Shepherd Farm.  Work is going well on the construction of the multi-room chicken house.  Steel sheets for the roof have been purchased and installed.  Concrete floors and plaster are called for in the next phase of the project.  Funds are needed for this phase as well as for the final phase that calls for the installation of permanent windows and doors.  As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, this building is being constructed according to the required standards as a school building.  The goal is to relocate Omega School to this 6-acre site in the future in order to meet the growing size of the school’s student body.

November 2010 News

The Blessing Continues 

      Am Pastor Robert Mukwaya, I greet you in the name of Jesus. Am so happy to report about the things God has done for me at my village. I received a cow through REACH given by a church in Bridgeport, California. Now am happy to say that God has blessed us with two more cows from this one cow. I have a big family, but through selling milk am now able to pay school fees for my children. This is the good testimony I do have, but I also have a challenge of the small piece of land that I have which I use for my cows and crop production. I ask that you pray that Lord may provide us with more land that can be enough for us to grow enough feed to look after the growing herd. I believe I see a stable source of income by the increasing milk production and the cows.

      I glorify God and call upon blessings to those who showed concern for me because now besides being able to take my children to school through milk sale, I both use money I receive from my sponsor each month and some form the milk to work part of land basically growing rice for sale and feed my family. I also grow sugarcane. This has enabled us to construct a permanent house for ourselves. We do have hope that God will continuously help us as a family and many more pastors are praying for the same blessings.

      I, as the founder of this ministry, am thankful to God for all those who have sacrificed money for the village pastors and making them feel blessed. I do thank you very much for obeying the call to Pastor Sponsorship Program. We wish to tell you that many souls are touched and quite promising to be part of us after witnessing this practical gospel.

Students Seek Prayer

       Thirty-two P.7 students at Omega School are asking for prayer as they take on the challenge of the Primary Leaving Exams (PLE).   Testing will take place at Omega School’s new Examination Center on November 2nd and 3rd.  Students that pass the exam are eligible to continue their education at the secondary level.  All thirty-two students desire to continue with their education, understanding that education is an important key to their future and to the future of Uganda.

 Christmas Celebration 

      Omega students will be celebrating Christmas together on December 22.  Each student will share in a special meal and also receive gifts on this special occasion.  Last year’s celebration was a success as each child was blessed through the generous giving of REACH sponsors.  November 10th is the deadline for extra gifts to be received for this year’s Christmas Fund.