January 2011 News

Students are all smiles as they show off their new clothes received as Christmas gifts

Dear Friends,

It is a blessing to be able to write to you on this Christmas season, I believe that this season is a time of thinking about what God has done for us and through our lives and ministry. I would love to take this great chance to reach my thanks to you for the prayers, love, encouragement and your faithful support to this ministry work in Uganda. Your support has made great impact to the lives of children and families that we reach each month with love gifts that you give to help meet needs of kids and help families come out of poverty.

A lot has been achieved this year through your support, you have helped Omega School get a tractor with which we now grow food and have enough to feed all the children at school with a full meal. You have helped with building a modern kitchen where now meals are prepared on time and with no fears of children not eating when it rains, as we had our hot meal prepared in the open.

Thank you for helping with building at the Good Shepherd Farm which is now fully roofed and well built. We hope to have chickens there as soon as we plaster inside and put doors and window shatters.

On December 22nd 2010 we held the children Christmas party at Omega School.  Children came very early as they knew this is their day to rejoice together and be happy as they sing and worship and dance at the same time expecting to eat and receive gifts.  We officially started the function at 10 AM when every one had arrived and the day was so exciting as music played, praise and worship by the children and special presentations from different kids.  Everything went on well as planned. Food was served at 3pm since we had a lot of activities going. Each child was serves with a plate full of rice and meat with a soda. Some guardians also came and enjoyed with every one present.

Time for giving out gifts came and this was our last item on the agenda. Every child was so eager and wanted to be first but we told them that each one of them had a gift of a new dress, shirt and pants.  As we gave clothes to each they started putting them on and we then started seeing real joy and rejoicing.

Families in Uganda find it very hard to get a gift for their kids since they do not even have enough to buy what to eat on Christmas, so this is a very big blessing to have their children given a new dress and feed them on special meals and a soda. This was a blessing to both sponsored children and community kids.

Thanks to all of you who have made this Christmas Party a success by giving extra funds to this need. Your generosity in giving to meet special needs and for monthly sponsorship has blessed many lives here in Uganda during this past year.  Your partnership is greatly appreciated.

Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Fred Tumwebaze

Omega School students enjoying a special Christmas meal