February 2011 News

Patrick Omoga

Esther Mirembe

Primary Leaving Examination Results 2010


      After a very long two and one-half month wait Omega School received the results of the Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) from the Uganda Examination Board.  As reported by Pastor Fred Tumwebaze, “I have to tell you the truth that our hearts have been so much on tension and eager for these results as it is our first time to have our candidates do their final exams at our own center at Omega school. Everybody was so happy for the center number 090082 that was given to our school last year with which we held a thanksgiving ceremony and celebrations.  The next thing that people were waiting to see was the performance of candidates at this new center.  I do not know how it is in the USA but here in Uganda most people are mostly interested to know how many passed in first Division so if a school comes out with none then it is considered  to be a weak school. “

      Omega School proved to be far from “weak.” The report showed that eleven candidates from Division 1 passed the PLE.  This number is significant as it demonstrates that Omega School has a very strong educational program in place.  Division 1 success lays a strong foundation for future success for students as they pursue their educational dreams.  Results also stated that 20 candidates from Division 2 passed, as did 1 candidate from Division 3.     

      In addition to the efforts of the teaching staff and the students, the increased food supply at Omega School contributed to the high level of success  on the PLE.  Hunger no longer distracts students from their learning experience.  Omega School was also able to board the candidates on campus as they prepared for the exams—again, food supply was not an issue, a true blessing for the students at Omega.

     “Many thanks go to all of you who prayed for our candidates during the examination period.,” beams Pastor Fred.  “Thanks be to God for the blessing of food that made it possible for us to have these students stay fully at School.  I would love to thank all our supporters for the financial contributions you make to the success and growth of Omega School.”

Pastor Fred’s 2011 Visit

 Pastor Fred Tumwebaze will be in the USA from 3/14—6/ 2.  The focus of this visit will be to:

  • Rekindle friendships
  • Establish new relationships with individuals, churches, schools, and organizations.
  • Enlist 200 new sponsors
  • Report on project/ministry progress/success
  • Please pray for Pastor Fred’s safety and the success of this trip.  Spread the word.