April 2011 News

Love Paints a Smile

       I Munaabo Ivan was born in 02nd/02/1995 in a family of 4 children. One brother died and we remained 2 boys and 1 girl. In 2000 my father died and we stayed with our mother until now.  

     However, in grade 3 class I was introduced to my sponsors through Rescue African Children – REACH now I am in senior two in this programme. I was able to go through school without struggle. This is because I got all I needed for school.  

     I have received a lot of gifts from my sponsors in the US since they chose to be part of my life. 

     This year during my 16th Birthday, I received a birthday gift of a bicycle and this made me extremely happy. I now will say my sponsors have painted a wide smile on my mouth.

God bless you. Good bye.

 Right on Schedule

     On March 14 Pastor Fred arrived safe and sound at LAX at his scheduled time.  To date, Pastor Fred has preached the Word in churches and made presentations on the work of REACH in homes, schools, and several youth and children’s meetings at local churches.

     Results of the first two weeks of Fred’s visit have been very fruitful and have led to an anticipation of God generating a high number of new sponsors for children and pastors.

     Fred’s update report on REACH has been well received by sponsors.  Hearts have been filled with great joy to see how God has used funds from monthly support and special project gifts to accomplish great things in the lives of the people of Uganda. 

     Prayer for Pastor Fred as he travels from place to place is greatly appreciated and will certainly lead to great things for the glory of God.  Thank you for your partnership.

 Pastor Fred’s 2011 Visit 

  • March 15—March 31:  So CA
  • April 1— April 6: Bridgeport/Bishop, CA
  • April 7—April 17: Sacramento, CA (N CA)
  • April 19— May 16: Arkansas
  • May 17— May 25 Moreno Valley, CA
  • May 26—June 1: New York   








Needed Prayer

     Within hours of arriving in the USA Pastor Fred received news that his 2 year old son Jeremiah was in need of an unexpected hernia-type surgery.  Faced with a sense of helplessness (9,000 miles from the situation) Fred turned to prayer for strength.  God answered in a mighty way as He granted peace for Fred and Joan, and brought Jeremiah through a successful surgery. 

     Please pray for Jeremiah’s complete recovery and join in Fred’s praise of God for His faithfulness.