June 2012 News

Meet a Mother in Need

      I am by names Kyobula, Lovisa born on 2nd June 1977 now aged 35 yrs with two biological children, my third child died at the age of 5.  I got married on 16th August 1987 and stayed with my husband for a period of 15 years. However, after he bought land for us he died in 2003.


Before he died he had began building on the family land the house which is incomplete.  We are staying in this house because we have no any other alternative.  Am living with my two children, the eldest child called Dan Munaba, who is 16 yrs. and the other is Gift Nalunga 7yrs.  Dan is in Senior 3 and Gift in Primary one.

It is unfortunate that me and my daughter are HIV positive, and the relatives of my late husband mistreat us and they want to throw us out of the house, yet we have no where to go.  I grew up in a polygamous family; my father had 4 wives with 15 children, I being the last-born. Our family was full of misery. I never got a chance to get enough education that could help me get a job.

I thank REACH for helping my children to be in school, and also helping me monthly with financial support.  I do wish to thank all the REACH sponsors for their generosity.  May God bless them richly.

 An Appeal From Pastor Fred

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

Our desire is to be able to help Lovisa build a two-roomed house on the land that her husband left for them. She for sure suffers a lot of abuse because of the mistake the husband made by building on the land that belongs to other family members. They are forcing her to go away to her land, but her concern is the house that she can not carry with her.

With $3000 we can help Lovisa build a small house on her own land.  I know that in the USA times are difficult, but I ask that you would please consider making an additional gift this month to help this struggling mother provide shelter for her children.  Together we can make a difference in the life of this Ugandan family.

I would love to thank all our sponsors and supporters assisting children and helping families start income generating projects.  May God bless you for having generous hearts.


Pastor Fred Tumwebaze


Project Updates

  • Next month’s newsletter will highlight the Omega School Agriculture Project.   The wells have been completed, the land has been cleared, and the crops have been planted.
  • Approximately one-half ($4500) of the funds needed for completion of the first stage of the Omega School Chicken Farm have been donated by REACH supporters.  This first stage calls for the purchase, housing, feeding, and vaccinating of 900 baby chicks to the point of becoming egg-producing hens.  Continue to pray as funds come in and the project gets underway.
  • Funds to pay the duties levied on the tent have come in slowly over the past two months.  Of the $2500 needed, $500 has been received.  Thank you for your gifts and prayers.


May 2012 News

Meet Florence Naikazi

      I Florence Naikazi was born on 14-Aug-98 in a family of 6 children. We are two girls and four boys.  I am in my final year, primary seven, at Omega School.  My mother divorced with my father when I was young in my primary two .  My father married another wife; she is now staying with him with two boys. When my mother divorced, I was taken by my aunt in the village. I did not get chance to enjoy the love of my mother and father together.

However, in Primary two I was introduced to my sponsors through Rescue African Children. I am happy because I am in this year 2012 doing my final examinations in primary (Primary Leaving Examinations).  I thank my sponsors for supporting me in my education and with other gifts. They are kind people.

I have received gifts from my sponsors in the US.  I have received gifts like clothes, mattress, and always receive good letters from them. I love reading from them because the words makes me feel good and loved. And I also love them.  The mattress they bought for me makes me feel comfortable and fresh at night. I wake up strong and ready to study for my future. I want to become a doctor to be able to help people in the world. I trust I will be able to be one with your help.

I want to ask my sponsors to keep praying for me to be able to pass my final examinations. I am also working hard with the help of my teachers trusting my God to enable me pass my examinations.

I love you all. Good bye.

Florence Naikazi  UG/462












Extra Gifts Welcome

       Extra gifts are still in need to meet the expense of the duties levied on the tent donated   to REACH in 2011.  The tent was filled to capacity on Good Friday as villagers gathered for worship. Pastor Fred Tumwebaze and his fellow pastors are eager to put the tent to use in the months ahead. If you desire to help with this expense, please identify your gift as “Tent” on the line labeled Other on your remittance slip.

Funding for the Omega School Chicken Farm is nearing the 50% mark.  The  children and staff at Omega hope to see this project start in the near future.  Please use the Omega Chicken Farm line on your remittance slip to identify any gift you wish to make towards this project.

Together we are making a difference in the lives of over 600 students at Omega School.  The lives of the students’ family members, guardians, and surrounding villagers are also being impacted in a positive manner due to your generosity.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts.