July 2012 News

Omega School AG-Farm

    In July 2011 nearly 70 acres of farmland was purchased through the generous gifts of REACH  sponsors and friends.  After securing the land it was discovered that several families had been leased portions of the acreage and were awaiting   the harvest of freshly planted crops.  Pastor Fred states, “It did not therefore look good to ask them to leave before harvesting their crops. In short we did not use the land until after six months. This led us to big challenge of not having enough food to feed the children at Omega School due to missing a full season without planting our crops on our own land. “

A second delay came as a result of the land being too wet for the drill rig to set up at the desired location.  Of course, this turned out to be a blessing as another company will be providing  two wells for the same price as one would have cost.  The first well is completed and is providing water to a newly planted crop of maize. The maize covers 34 acres and prayers for a good harvest are being offered daily. Soon crops of beans, cassava, and sweet potatoes will be  planted on the remaining acreage. “It is always very pleasing to share with you the good things that have been achieved through your support,” states Pastor Fred.

The Ag Project will include a farmhouse in the near future along with the second water well.   REACH looks forward to sharing updates on this project in the months to come.  Your gifts and prayers have led to a successful start to a project that will bless children at Omega School for years to come.


Sewing Center

     Several years ago $3000 was donated for the purpose of establishing a sewing center on the Omega School campus. Demands for additional classrooms, a new kitchen, and a library have led to the delay of this project several times, but Pastor Tumwebaze is happy to report that, “The sewing center will be beginning now that we have a room to put the sewing machines. This is going to have an impact on the students at Omega school and the women in the community”.  Older students and community women will be learning a trade that will have a positive impact on their lives and the life of their families.


Project Updates

  • Gifts toward Lovisa’s House have totaled $1500 so far! Only $1500 more is needed to fully fund this family’s need.
  • Funds to pay the duties levied on the tent have come in slowly over the past three months.  Gifts received have totaled $500,   leaving a balance of $2000.  Thank you for your gifts and prayers.
  • Every Omega School student has received a mosquito net thanks to your generosity.  Funds continue to be received as additional nets will be needed for new students and for replacement of damaged nets.
  • Pray for the need of a truck for the work of REACH in Uganda.   The approximate cost is $18,000 for a suitable used truck. Multiple REACH projects would benefit by the  transport of materials, animals, & produce