August 2012

A Future Dr. in the House

      Benjamin Kalamoya (UG/1080) is a six year old Nursery student at Omega School.  He lives with his elderly, bed-ridden grandmother, Janet Nabirye. He has two brothers, Emma and Toffa, and one sister, Winnie.

     “Words cannot easily put across how proud this child is to be among sponsored children,” states a REACH social worker. “He is the only lucky sponsored child in his family. His grandmother is too old; she cannot even come out of the house by herself.” There is no grandfather in the home, and young Benjamin does not know how or when his father and mother died.

     When asked if he liked going to school, Benjamin proudly responded, “I enjoy being at school and during our chapel time I love praising, worshiping and dancing for the Lord.” Chapel services take place at Omega School each Monday and Friday morning.  Benjamin also stated, “I do want to be a doctor when I grow up. I have desire in me to be able to treat the pain of elderly ladies and men like my grandmother.”

     Benjamin’s closing words in his interview with the social worker were, “I love my sponsors and Rescue African Children.  They have labored to grow me happy at school and health. They support me and enabled me to have a bed, sheets, clothes and birthday gifts. I do also remember the treatment I received when I had bicycle accident when I was on my way from home to school.”

      Supportive and loving sponsors are making a positive impact on Benjamin’s life. Perhaps one day in the future we will hear of a Dr. Benjamin Kalamoya who is bringing health and wellness to villagers in and about Buwenge, Uganda.


Library Update

“We are excited and happy to receive a well furnished library,” reports Pastor Fred Tumwebaze.  “All of our library materials are now in the new building and on the shelves. These materials are put on good use by students, teachers, church members, church leaders and community members.  We are quickly becoming a resource centre with the ability to make positive changes in people’s lives.”

“The future is becoming bright for our Omega School students with all library materials becoming accessible to them,” states Pastor Fred. “We thank all our brothers and sisters who worked tirelessly to enable us have this library here at Omega School.”