April 2012 News

Meet Nasim Naigaga

      I am by the names called Naigaga, Nasim, ten (10) years old. I have two sisters and two brothers.  Currently I am in primary three (3rd grade) at Omega School, staying with my grandparents in Buwenge Town Council, Jinja District. When I get back home from school, I help to cook food for my grandparents, fetch water and do some other things.

I cherish the first day I first joined Rescue African Children (REACH) sponsorship program. I am the only fortunate child in our family who received a chance of sponsorship. Our parents divorced when I was too young,  I cannot tell the story very well how it came about but at the moment all that I know my sickly mother, who is HIV positive,  she went to a place I do not know and my father got another wife who did not welcome us to stay together with them.

Our grandparents worked hard to take care of us and paying my school fees and giving us food, until I got a sponsor at Omega School.  While in my baby class at Omega School I was registered by REACH and our Director went to America to get sponsors for children. When he came back he told us that; “Children got sponsored and you are one of them.” I went back home happy and told my grandparents and they got happy.

I used to sleep on the ground like many other children, wear torn clothes and going to school without school requirements. But I am now very happy for the gifts I receive from my sponsors.  When I got the birthday gift from my sponsors I bought a bed mattress, blanket and bed sheets.  I now sleep on my bed under a mosquito net; Malaria cannot get close to me. Malaria is a bad disease caused by mosquitoes and it kills many children in my village who do not have mosquito nets.

      I like all the gifts I receive, the cow, which were given to me, a calf and now we take milk with my grandparents and many other gifts. I am now at school studying.  It is my prayer that, God may give our sponsors and REACH good life.



Omega School Chicken Farm 


Excitement at Omega School is mounting as gifts towards the Chicken Farm have begun to be received from sponsors and friends of REACH. Please identify your gifts for this project as “Omega Chicken Farm.”

Tent Arrives Safely

      After several months time a large meeting tent donated by a friend of REACH safely arrived in Jinja.  Times were tense as the tent was held “hostage” for  a few weeks as duties were assessed on the tent’s determined value.  After much prayer and dialog the tent was released for delivery.

The tent will have multiple uses (current and future) :  Revivals, conferences, prayer meetings, Aids/HIV awareness, and medical clinics.

REACH is attempting to raise $2500 to cover a portion of the levied duties that were not covered by funds raised locally.  If you desire to help with this expense, please identify your gift as “Tent”.

Library Pictures


Computer Lab/Library

      Omega School’s library has served multiple purposes this past year.  However, 2012 has been set as the year to fully develop the purpose and function of this new building.  Computer desks are being constructed as are additional book shelves.  Plans are currently being made to bring the Internet to Omega School.  Imagine the joyful expression of YOUR Uganda student when he/she sees your smiling face on a computer screen 9,000 miles from where you are sitting.  The Internet will also serve as a learning tool for Omega students as they seek a better way of life by means of a well-rounded education.   More information will be provided regarding this undertaking as a revised bid is returned to the REACH office for consideration.

February 2012 News

Love at Christmas and Beyond

      My name Is Kisakye, Priscilla (UG/1005) and I am eleven years old. In our family we are three children and we are all girls.  I am very grateful to Rescue African Children under Reverend Fred Tumwebaze for all the help and love given to us. I can’t forget the sponsor he got for me; they have extended a lot to me and they mean so much to me. I get school fees and scholastic materials and feel loved so much .

Four years ago. Both our mother and father were traveling and got involved in an accident where a train went off its trail and knocked the car where our father and mother were. They were all taken to hospital in critical condition. It is unfortunate our father died when our mother was in a semi-conscious condition, she did not have chance to say or to listen to the last words of our father. However, our mother didn’t die but sustained serious injuries on her body.

While our mother was near death in the hospital we remained with our aunt who is called Naume. Our aunt was too harsh, she began to sell our family possessions

. She sold the poultry, cattle, and our plot of land without our mother’s consent.  She finally made up her decision and took our home. She added more pain to our family

By the time our mother was discharged from the hospital, we were homeless. She moved around and rented a single room in the small town council of Buwenge and it is where we are staying up to date.

Having a sponsor has helped make life better in our home.  After suffering much grief and loss it is good to know love. In Africa Christmas is a happy day where families enjoy family reunions, good meals and nice dressings, but all this had gone far from us after the death of our father. We are happy through Rescue African Children all the above items and extra are now catered for.

On 22nd December 2011 all Omega School students were shown this love.  This very day we had our Christmas party at Omega School.  The party was very good for every child as we got gifts of a new dress each and rice and meat, plus soda. It was very good to praise and dance for the Lord. Christmas Day helps me to remember the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

I ask God to bless my sponsors and Rescue African Children for having the good heart of helping us in need. Please continue with that good heart. We can now see the future gradually because of your love for us.

January 2012 News

Success: Now a Nurse!

     I am Nsekanabo Topista, aged 24 years old, the 3rd born in my family of five children. I am the only girl. My father died in 1994 when I was in primary one (grade one) and later my mother died in 1996 when I was in primary three, they both died of HIV/AIDS.

After the death of our parents, I and my siblings we were taken by our aunt who had several other children under her care. The worse story, she was a peasant practicing substance farming, all the food from the garden was only to be eaten.  She tried her level best to help me be at school but she couldn’t, due to financial difficulties.

It was one time; a friend of mine sought for me a job in Buwenge town to work as a house maid, I had no alternative but thanked her for the great help. We made our journey from Namawojjolo village, Mukono District where I was born and joined the strange family in Buwenge, Jinja District to work as a house maid.

The nearby church that I loved and I often went to was Omega Christian Prayer Centre under Rev. Fred Tumwebaze. I got acquainted to this church as my personal church and I loved all its services so much. It was through this compassionate man of God, Rev. Fred Tumwebaze; in 2005 he adopted me as his own daughter after knowing my background.

I am so thankful to my God that through him my life was rescued from total misery and my hope was renewed. I got registered with Rescue African Children; they took me back to school, met all my school requirements and finally helped me achieve my long time ambition of becoming a medical personnel. As I speak, I graduated in the month of May, 2011 as a Comprehensive Nurse after under going three (3) year training. All this has been achieved through the effort and prayers of Rescue African Children in union with my wonderful sponsors from United States of America. Glory be to God!

Currently, I am working with Omega School as a School Nurse, I am happy about that because it has been my outcry and indeed it is realized. I have great joy in my heart and thank God to help me be of help to the surrounding orphans and needy children in the community. As I treat, I as will do some counseling to some children who have similar background like mine and pray for them to reach the same success.

I conclusively say my goals are still in process by God because I do have a dream to go for further studies. May the Almighty God keep on blessing all my guardian and sponsors for the great job well done to help me achieve my career as a Nurse. Be blessed!


   Christmas 2011

  Omega School held its all-school Christmas Party on December 22nd.  Thanks to our generous sponsors, $5,601 was transferred to Uganda to help with this blessed celebration! Praise God for compassionate hearts that showered our dear Omega students with such an awesome demonstration of love.

Photos and a full report of this event will be published in next month’s newsletter.