December 2013

Eggs-ample of Success

One of our missions as a ministry is to nurture and promote an environment that is self-sustaining and responsive to the socio-economic fundamentals for spiritual  and socio-economic development. We believe that God prepared the community and filled it with diversity of potentials necessary for development. Uganda was famously known as the peal of Africa (during the pre-colonial times) because of the unique natural endowments such as good climate, abundant lakes and river resources and crowned by the hospitality of the Ugandans.

In spite of ally hess hits fro God, Ugandans still suffer from three chronic problems, namely: ignorance, poverty, and disease. Our mission is targeting attitudinal change and to breed sustainable solutions to the main problem of our society in Uganda. We consider sustainability as the major factor to creating a fundamental change in the society because sustainable change cannot happen without establishing income-generating projects. Among the income generating project that we put hands on is the Omega School Chicken Farm.


Established in March, 2013, with 1000 birds, the chicken farm was started with the aim of supplementing the income of the school to ensure its sustainability. Resources to start the farm were raised through sponsors and friends of REACH in the USA.


The egg production started five months down the road and it has steadily improved. In the first three months the farm gave us an average of 10 trays of eggs daily, but I can now proudly tell you that we are now getting an average of 25 trays of eggs daily. The trend is going on and in the future I expect to collect an average of 28 trays (30 eggs per tray = 840 eggs) on a daily basis.



The farm is faced with a number of challenges, but by the grace of God I can say we have prevailed with lots of success. Some of the challenges faced include the following:

  • Death of birds due to sickness. We currently have 921 birds out of 1000 birds that we started with, meaning that we faced a lose of 79 birds.
  • The water source is in a distant place so we have to move some good distance every day to fetch water for the chickens.

The farm is now used by Omega School to train children and their caretakers in the skill of poultry keeping. We kindly request you to keep the chicken farm in you constant prayers so that God can see it achieving its intended objective of making us a self-sustaining ministry.

God bless you all for your prayers and financial support.

June 2010 News

God’s Provision

My name is Emanuel Mukugu, pastor of Kabalongo Christian Prayer Center. Am so happy to share the joy that I and my church have due to what God has done for us. My church was started two years ago meeting in a rented room and time reached when we could not fit there since the church was growing. We could also face the problem of paying house rent and they could increase rent from time to time.

The church continued to pray for about a year and half we get our own land and put up a temporary shelter for us to worship our God there. One of the days I was called by Pastor Fred Tumwebaze and getting there I was so shocked to hear that we had received $1300, enough to buy us land for the church.  He said God has provided through a church in Arkansas. I went home happy and very early I went to see the man who had promised to sell us land but the man was wanting to cheat us by not selling us the whole portion  as he had shown us before,  but glory be to God for his way of working, as I left that man alone I met another man who told me that he was selling his land and I said let us go and see it. The land was very good and 4 times bigger than the previous land so we paid  for that land.

The church family came together and we put up a shelter and it was great joy to use it the first Sunday and it is still joy up to now. We are now working hard so that we can make bricks to build a permanent church building.

I would love to reach our thanks to Mountain View General Baptist Church for supporting us and we pray that my God bless you.

Baby Watch 2010

Joan, Pastor Fred, and Jeremiah are expecting the arrival of a new baby late June or early July.  Pray for all four (4) members of the family as they await the day of this blessed event.

Help Avoid Delays

You can help avoid delays in the processing of your gifts to REACH by the following:

  • Be sure to use the new address, especially for Auto-check payments.
  • Include UG/#  and/or UP/# on your checks, especially Auto-checks (no remittance slip).
  • Identify purpose of extra gifts on remittance form or by email to Rodney if  auto-payment.
  • Mail checks in time for payment to arrive  BY the 10th of the month (late payments are processed the next month).

Ways to Help

* Pray for The Tumwebaze Family and safe delivery of a healthy new baby.

*  Pray for maize (corn) harvest.

* Consider leading out as a fundraiser for REACH projects. For information contact Pastor Rodney by email or US Mail.

* Donate airline mileage—Friends of  REACH have donated time and talent to produce an updated DVD to report on the work of REACH. Help this crew get to Uganda by donating your airline mileage. Contact Pastor Rodney if you are interested in helping in this manner.