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Rescue African Children, known as REACH, is a registered nonprofit Ugandan organization (Ugandan ID 120480) with the primary purpose of rescuing the orphans, street children, and other disadvantaged young ones from the suffering of poverty and AIDS in Uganda Africa.  REACH is the bridge between those that provide support, the children, their families, and the church of Jesus Christ.  To accomplish these goals REACH has three main areas of outreach.

Education of Children – This is primarily done through Omega Christian School. Located in the village of Buwenge, Uganda, the school teaches preschool through junior high. There are currently over 500 students that attend the school, with some living on campus because it is too far for them to walk every day. The students are taught a modern curriculum with a Biblical worldview.  Once a student graduates from Omega, sponsors have the opportunity to provide support for the children to attend high school, then college or a trade school. To learn more about sponsorship click here.

Community Support – Many of the students at Omega have lost one or both parents and live with relatives or foster parents. To assist these guardians in caring for the additional children, REACH seeks to bring about economic change by initiating income generating projects with these families. Projects may include providing seed, tools, farm animals, a micro loan to start a business, or basic need items (i.e., food, clothing, water jugs, mosquito nets). Not only does this support provide a most needed helping hand, but it also makes the adopted child seen as a blessing within the family.

Ministry of the Gospel – To truly change a community and a nation, it is only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. REACH provides pastoral support to the community through pastors and churches. The pastors are also the eyes and ears of REACH, letting them know about the needs of the community and students needing schooling.

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.   James 1:27

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