Giving Summary

Sponsor a Child

REACH uses child sponsorship to form a relationship between a donor and the ministry that allows a student and donor to exchange letters and photos.  Sponsorship supplies Omega Christian School with a steady stream of support which is used for school fees, books, uniforms, supplies, medical attention and a least one hot meal each day while at school.  Children are assigned a social worker who check on students home life and can recommend assistance when necessary.  Current monthly sponsorship amount is $26 per month for check/bank check or $27 a month for credit/debit.  The extra $1 is for bank fees.  To sponsor a child please go to: Sponsorship

Make a Donation

Monthly sponsorship provides a sustained income stream for REACH but we understand that committing to a set donation schedule may not be possible for everyone.  Please consider making another type of donation (e.g., one-time, annual, quarterly, etc.) which can be used by REACH in the area of greatest need. To inquire about a donation please contact

Sponsor a Pastor

To truly change a community and a nation takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  REACH provides a unique opportunity to provide for the ministry expenses of pastors.  A monthly sponsorship (from $50-100) assists the local pastor with bringing the Gospel to the people.  To inquire about sponsorship please contact

Community Support

You may be interested in providing support for a family that has children attending Omega Christian School, which could provide them long-term economic change.  Support may include providing seed, tools, farm animals, start-up funds for a business, or basic need items.  The REACH Africa team would be able to provide projects of the greatest need.   Please contact REACH Africa at:

God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.    Hebrews 6:10